The first (FM 57) was a 12 week multi centre double blind trial in 250 men who all used Eroxon®. Before using the therapy, participants were monitored for four weeks to establish the extent of their ED This was measured using three internationally authorised measures: IIEF EF, SEP2 and SEP3.

Efficacy improved after the first dose and men achieved an erection within 10 minutes in 60% of
applications. There were 3,792 intercourse attempts and two-thirds (63%) of men achieved or exceeded the Minimal Clinically Important Difference (MCID), which is the benchmark for a meaningful response.

At 12 weeks, men using Eroxon® Stimgel showed significant improvement from baseline across all
measures, with the response increasing in line with the severity of their ED. Four in five (80%) of those with the most severe ED met, and in some cases exceeded, MCID. In men with moderate ED, 59% met or, agaiN in some cases, exceeded MCID and in those with mild ED it was 61%.

Reported side effects were minimal .


The second Phase 3 trial ( was a 24 week study designed in accordance with feedback from the FDA
to rule out any ‘ effect. It included a head to head comparison with an oral medicine.

Results were presented at t he European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM) Congress in 2023.

FM71 showed Eroxon ® Stimgel achieved MCID in 61% of patients with ED at 24 weeks (1,551 intercourse attempts); with 55% of those with mild ED; 51% of men with moderate ED and 87% with severe ED achieving this clinical goal.

Efficacy increased over the course of the trial

On the basis of this clinical evidence, Eroxon ® Stimgel has been approved in the EU and UK as the first clinically proven OTC topical treatment for ED, and can be bought without the need for a prescription.